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He was the cross that I had to bear

That hurt so much to put down

I thought I’d die

I tried to

So many times

But the light

That little glimmer

of hope

So small

Yet so effective

It whispers


And you do

Only hoping it will become brighter


Praying the light will get closer

But it doesn’t

So you go a little crazy

Not knowing

If you should pick your cross back up

Or pray the light comes closer

You want to see,

More than you want to labor

The knowing

The wanting to know

That’s what keeps you here

What will happen if I stay

You ponder

Already knowing what the weight of your cross is

You decide it’s worth the wait

So you do

You wait, and while you’re waiting

You discover


You learn

Who you are

Who you’re not

What you need

How you can give it to yourself

And what to do

If you can’t...

Because sometimes. You can’t.

And your focus changes

You stop wondering if your cross is still heavy

Or if the light will come

You sink in

Plant roots


And. You. Grow

Right where you’re planted

And you discover

That you’re strong

And you can push away the darkness

On your own

Because you no longer have that weight

Of your cross

And you rejoice

What a gift

You’ve been given

How free you feel

You dance. Sing. Laugh

You grow

To the surface

And you bloom

You bloom

You bloom

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