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It's a new month, and I have so many things circulating in my brain. My “why” is and will always be love. First and foremost, self love. I think I love myself now more than I ever have. I have fine tuned my relationship, and intuitively listen to my soul. I am learning how to utilize hard “no’s” and “yeses,” while kicking lukewarm “maybes” to the curb. I am wholly and completely ready. Although there is a tinge of fear in my heart chakra, my mind is strong, and can combat the darkness of fear with ease.

My career is about to take off to new heights, and I. Am. Ready! I can’t see the complete vision, but it is slowly becoming clear. I just want to be successful (Trey Songs voice). I want to be out there cooking, motivating/encouraging, and sending love and light out into the world. That is my heart focus. To BE THE LOVE! That requires me to remain present, and focused. I have an issue with this sometimes, especially when my creative juices aren’t flowing. During this time I want to cultivate my creativity in a new way. A way that will set me apart, and show the world who Tirzah Love is.

My kids will be my forever “why.” They look to me for the path, and although they have their own. I just want to show them that whatever they desire to do or be is possible. All you need to do is believe in yourself. Which sounds so freaking cliche. But its true. I have this undying belief in my soul that I am going to be somebody of influence in this world. Someone strong and powerful who influences the masses. I already am that person, the world is just waiting to see.

It feels so good to finally have someone by my side who sees me. who loves me. who encourages me. He is a major “why” right now. He has invested in me, and I just want to show him that what he sees in me is real. I am so grateful for this new love, as it grows strong, I find more and more comfort in it. I feel at home in his heart, and I thank God daily for the blessing he is.

This is my time, and I just want to utilize it to tap into all of my greatness. I know that I am special, I know that I am powerful, I know that I am the love the world needs.

I am my “why.” I am doing this for me. For my kids. For my love. For the world.

What is your why?

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